Will Coke Studio Return to its Roots With Rohail Hyatt?

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Will Coke Studio Return to its Roots With Rohail Hyatt? – Analysis

There is a strong possibility that with the return of Rohail Hyatt, the luck of Coke Studio would change and people will start forgetting the painful last season. Coke Studio Season 11 was nothing but an amateurish attempt at making music and destroying the legacy of the brand that began its entry into music with Dekho Jaaneman and Jazba Junoon in the 90s.


Hopefully, now it will revert back to the kind of music that made it popular all over the Indian subcontinent, especially in India. In an interview to this scribe way back in 2014 – when Rohail was at the helm – the grandson of Raj Kapoor Armaan Jain revealed that he hadn’t missed a single episode of Coke Studio, the Pakistani version.


“You have no idea how much my parents and I love Pakistani music,” Armaan corroborated the sentiments. “I for one haven’t missed a single episode of Coke Studio – the Pakistani version – and love listening to the songs performed in it. I am also a big, big fan of Arif Lohar sahib who is just awesome with a capital A.”


And then came the journey downwards, although Strings did deliver hits during their run at the top including some of the biggest hits in Coke Studio’s history. Let’s hope that the legacy of Coke Studio continues to move upwards and Rohail Hyatt is able to deliver what is expected from him – making good music that gets the listener’s approval and also changes their taste for the better!

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