Why Mika Singh’s visit to Pakistan isn’t all that bad!


He came, he prayed and then he performed; that’s the synopsis of Indian singer Mika Singh’s latest visit to Pakistan.

The Bollywood A-lister singer Mika Singh’s had an eventful tour of Pakistan where he not only visited Nankana Sahib but also spent time with the Pakistani Sikh brothers, participating in a lunch arranged at Kartarpur.

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After performing the religious rituals at Gurdwara of Baba Guru Nanak, he ended his three-day visit with a musical performance in Karachi at a private gathering, after which all hell broke loose!

The Indian media is reporting that Mika Singh performed at the wedding function hosted by a cousin of former President Pervez Musharaf but they aren’t telling is that Mika’s trip further cements that Sikhs of India dont see Pakistan as a hostile country. The Indian media isn’t highlighting Mika’s happiness on the construction of Kartarpur Corridor and that he was completely compfortable and happy to visit and perform in Pakistan. They aren’t highlighting his comments regarding the Corridor and how it will ease traveling for Sikh people, but his viral video which is neither being welcomed here nor there.

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We believe that Mika Singh’s visit, amid the tension between India and Pakistan over Kashmir and the removal of Article 370, is a step in the right direction. Rather than worrying about how did Mika Singh and his crew were able to get visas for Pakistan, try to use it as a step that reinforces the peaceful nature of Pakistan and how minorities of India see Pakistan as their hope for peace and refuge from the fundo India. Instead of finding fault in our visa department, we should ponder on how to bridge the gap between the two countries that are nearly at war.

The truth is, the Indian Sikhs have always been friendly towards Pakistan and the construction of Kartarpur Corridor has changed their stance towards the once ‘enemy’ country. They see Pakistan as their hope to diplomatically bring their plight and aspiration for an indepenadent state to the international community. Just last year, former Indian cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu visited Pakistan and was seen hugging the Army Chief that was criticized in India, but he repeatedly said that both the countries should promote peace, not war. A section of media is playing it up but what they arent telling is the other side of the story and some people are just playing right into their hands. Mika Singh’s visit could also be instrumental in decreasing tensions between the two countries which do not see eye to eye because of their poles apart stand on Kashmir. Let a playback singer take forward the message of peace and turn hostile behavior into something constructive.

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