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Why Are These Pakistani Celebrities Silent On Kashmir?


While Some Pakistani Celebrities Have Been Vocal About The Kashmir Crisis, Others Have Notably Remained Silent

The Indian Government under Narendra Modi is making life hell for the people in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. Their Army is using force to silence the voice of the people and people from all over the world are criticizing Modi and his team. On one hand most Pakistani celebrities are critical of India, yet there are a few who are observing complete silence. They are the ones who can reach out to the massive people due to their wide range of fans but are choosing to stay neutral at a time when taking sides matter.

Some of these celebs are quiet because they don’t want to hurt their massive Indian fans. But what about the many Kashmiris who are being hurt by Indian Army? It is understandable why Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik is not being vocal about the matter; his wife Sania Mirza is an Indian national. But what about the 100% Pakistani actors who can reach their massive fans in India and pour some sanity into their brains.

shoaib and sania

Losing their popularity and fans may be a big issue for these celebrities but right now it doesn’t matter. People in Pakistan look up to these celebrities who are acting as Ostriches, not condemning the brutal acts of Indian Army and Government, just to stay relevant across the Wagah border.

Mums the word over Kashmir for some Pakistani celebrities

Why is Atif Aslam silent on Kashmir despite knowing what is going on in the Valley? Yes you were performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia but so was Hamza Ali Abbasi and he has been tweeting in favour of Kashmir ever since his return. If you tweet about the matter it will not only make you grander in front of your compatriots but also make the Indians realize that whatever their government is doing in the Valley isn’t right.

atif is silent on kashmir

I would also like to ask Rahat Fateh Ali Khan the same thing. Why are you not raising your voice for Kashmiris? Your being numb on the issue is exactly what the Indians want to come out and defend your Kashmiri fans, brothers and sisters. The silence you are exhibiting on the matter is the most shocking thing ever. Your voice is heard internationally as well and every person has praised your amazing talent. Having a massive following all around the world makes you responsible to share the voice of Kashmiris through your platform to a larger audience. Don’t you care about the mass butchering of those in Kashmir. Just because you have gotten a lot of fame through India doesn’t mean you should be quite about the inhumane acts happening in Kashmir.

rahat fateh ali

And then there is Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, who is nowhere to be seen at the moment. Mr Shafqat, does your silence on Kashmir mean you are favoring India over Pakistan? Just because there is no music scene in Pakistan you are keeping your self relevant in India by staying silent? Are you scared that if you make the Indians upset, what will happen to your future projects and the work you will get from India.

shafqat amanat ali

Time for some self-reflection?

With all due respect, this is not the time to think about the work and making India upset. It is the time to show support and play your role as a Pakistani, a Muslim and above all, a human being and raise your voice about injustice happening in Kashmir.

Being celebrities you all have a huge platform to share and support the people of Kashmir. But your silence on the matter is alarming especially when other celebrities are vocal in their support.

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