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WATCH: A Big Number Of Indian Students Deported From Pearson International Airport

Video shows students awaiting deportation in Toronto airport

That’s right folks, you weren’t imagining how bad the English is of many “newcomers” who supposedly had to take a test! A large number of Indian students are believed to be awaiting deportation at the Pearson International Airport in Toronto due to the fact that they provided fake IELTS test results.

The video shows a large number of Indian students in Toronto Pearson International Airport on Sunday waiting to be deported after their International English Language Testing Systems exams were found to be fake.

According to one Reddit user, the news hardly came as a surprise. The user said, “The cheating culture is so strong there that they think nothing of trying to put one over on naive westerners. I once got it explained to me that if we were dumb enough to trust them when they lie to us, we’re the ones at fault.”

According to NDTV, around 150 Indians were deported from the US, for either violating their visa norms or illegally entering America, in November.

Another Reddit user had this to say regarding the Indian students: “I have offices in Canada. Currently, Vancouver, and Toronto. My HR team found either during compliance onboarding checks and reference checks, an inordinate amount of applicant candidate LIARS. What surprised me after about a decade of data collection was a culture (or cultures) of systemic lying from particular data groupings (I’m choosing my words carefully). It was almost obscene. Plus, even for those hired, they’d change their agreed-upon availability, and willingness for particular shifts, and tasks. HR set about documenting EVER single step, and stage. If someone backtracked or lied – boom, here’s your signature, sign off, and agreement. Don’t like it, leave. Be a pain, corrective documented policy per employment law and labor standard, leading to, and including termination of employment. Human Rights false claimed open case? We have documented everything. We are protected. Your frivolous lying case, thrown out. Goodbye.”

However, AP gives a different picture of the story. The students in the video were not being deported, and the reason they were waiting at the airport had nothing to do with faked language exams.

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