Was Pulwama Attack An Inside Job?

Pulwama was an inside job?

Pulwama Attack inside Jammu and Kashmir

All Signs Point Towards India Being The Mastermind Behind The Pulwama Tragedy

India may be the biggest democracy in the world but it is certainly not the most intelligent one. Opposition leaders in India are doubting that the Pulwama Attack for which the governing BJP has blamed Pakistan is just another attempt to gain sympathy ahead of the General Elections in the country. While some have questions Prime Minister Modi’s late address to the nation, others have demanded proof regarding Pakistan’s involvement.

Was Pulwama Attack An Inside Job?

How did 350 kilograms of explosives get into the most secure area of Jammu and Kashmir is also one of the questions on the Indian public’s mind. The Line of Control is heavily guarded at all times so it is impossible for someone on Pakistan’s side of the border to enter Indian Occupied area with so much ammunition, without being detected.

Then there is the million-dollar question regarding the India media who had the information way before the Government and who started the blame game in the first place. Some of the politicians even questioned the intelligence agencies who seemed to have prior information regarding the attack yet chose to do nothing at all. Why the measures were not taken to avoid the attack? Who was the mastermind behind the attack and why isn’t the public pointing fingers at the Butcher of Gujarat, Narendra Modi.

Was Pulwama Attack An Inside Job?

Why Prime Minister Modi didn’t even talk about the attack when it happened, why did he not address the nation and why did he wait for three and half hours to tell the media what happened and who should be blamed. It is quite fishy that 350 kg of explosives were transported without leaving a trace in a country where 3 kgs of beef bought by a Muslim is easily detected.


It is even more incredible in Incredible India that no one countered the Government’s narrative despite knowing that Modi does such things to gain sympathy. The place where the blast occurred had checkpoints and had the Army been doing its job, they would have prevented the attack long before it happened.

Anyone heard of detectors or sniffing dogs or gadgets to detect any kind of explosives? We have loads of them and I am sure India must have them too.

Nimra Arshad

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