University Staff Saves Undergrad Who Tried Suicide


University Staff Saves Undergrad Who Allegedly Tried To Kill Himself

A university student of the Forman Christian College in Lahore allegedly jumped off the third floor of one of the campus buildings in broad daylight, but was saved by the quick thinking of the varsity staff.


The undergraduate student was identified as Ijazul Haq Adeem who was seen jumping off the third floor of one of the academic blocks of the university. Fortunately, he was rescued by the teaching personnel as they saved his life by providing him with emergency assistance immediately and rushed him to the health center, located nearby to the campus.

After this incident, the management of the university advised the students to seek help from the counselor available on the premises to overcome their problems.

“We are deeply saddened by the recent incident that took place in S Block. We are ensuring that the student in question receives the medical attention he needs right now and stand with his family at this time. We are investigating the incident and hope to have more answers soon. Please note that the Campus Counseling Centre is holding a group session on Friday, March 1 at 1:00 pm in the Counseling Centre. If you wish to talk or share about what happened or need help processing this incident or any other problems you may be facing, please do visit the Counseling Centre for the session or to schedule an appointment with the Campus Counselors,” the statement read.

In order to spread awareness, the university is also holding a counseling session next month, so the students can easily deal up with the problems associated with mental health in a rapid way. The government should take initiatives through social media advertisement so that the upcoming generation would avoid attempting suicide and concentrate on their future.

Tehreem Alavi

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