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Twitter Reacts To Aisam Ul Haq’s Amazing Win In New York Open Tennis Double Title!

Aisam Ul Haq win - Hit in Pakistan

Aisam Ul Haq makes Pakistan proud!

Aisam Ul Haq and Dominic Inglot’s Anglo-Pak pair won the doubles trophy at New York Open Tennis ATP World Tennis Championship played in the indoor arena of Long Island.

In an amazing winning sweep, they just snatched the title from the all-American pair of Reilly Opelka and Steve Johnson with scores of 7-6(5), 7-6(6).

Aisam Ul Haq also stated in his interview saying:

“I think it was, in the end, it was the experience and self-belief. I think we’ve been working very hard—last year as well. And I and Dom both sat down and had a very serious conversation about what our goals are this year, and where we both of us as a team.”

He further added,

“I believe in his game and he believes in mine. I think I bring a lot of energy to the court, where he brings a lot of power. For me, obviously, I’ve been on the tour a little bit longer than him, so a little bit of experience there as well from me. He’s younger than me. I needed somebody to be a little bit younger.

He has more fire is more driven also to do well in the slams and the big tournaments. He’s hungry to win more titles, which pushed me also to work harder, to be in the gym more, and look after my diet and everything like that because he’s hungry as a young guy and as well as who wants to do well in his career. We didn’t have the best start in January, but it’s just about believing in the process and each other. I’m very happy. The last two weeks have been really great, and we’ve been clicking so far,” he concluded.

This match has marked the 18th title of the ATP World tour for Aisam Ul Haq. The entire tennis fraternity congratulated Aisam on his amazing achievement including President Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Saleem Saifullah Khan.

Moreover, people are congratulating him on this amazing achievement and making our country proud. They tweeted:

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