Twitter Goes Crazy after Naeem ul Haque Posted Sachin Tendulkar’s Picture Instead of PM Imran Khan

naeem ul haque

This picture has become the topic of the day for Pakistani and Indian Twitter!

Twitter is going crazy after PTI’s Naeem ul Haque accidentally posted Sachin Tendulkar’s picture instead of Imran Khan as a throwback to his cricketing career.

The special assistant to the Prime Minister shared this picture of Indian batsman on his Twitter account and captioned it “PM Imran Khan 1969”.

As soon as he posted this picture, it went viral on the internet where Pakistanis, as well as Indians, are trolling this epic blunder. Naeem ul Haque’s post currently has 1,911 Retweets and 13,393 Likes. Way to go!

Have a look at Naeem ul Haque’s Tweet!

Although this picture has become the topic of the day, it looks like Naeem ul Haque is still not aware of what’s going on because it still can be seen on his account.

And Twitteraties are having the best time!

Where Pakistanis and Indians have their differences, but the epic sense of humor prevails on both sides of the border!

And this thread can’t get any more creative!

The fact that Sachin Tendulkar was not even born in 1969 makes it even crazier!

And this gaffe by Naeem ul Haque is funny yet embarrassing at the same time!

Well, let’s see when Naeem ul Haque will finally remove this tweet. Because the longer it’s there, the more memes will keep flooding our news feed!

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