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Turkish Series Resurrection: Ertuğrul Takes Pakistan By Storm!

Resurrection: Ertuğrul is not to be missed!

The Turkish Television series Dirilis (Resurrection) Ertuğrul is based on the 13th Century life of a Muslim Oghuz Turk leader and the warrior, which has taken Pakistan by storm in few days of its release on the state-run channel PTV in Urdu dubbing.

The main reason for being a massive hit in Pakistan was its share of set beliefs and customs as people were connected with the series on personal, political, and in a deep manner. Resurrection: Ertuğrul is portraying the real world with the touch of old-style that was meaningful in the 13th century and it has worth right now as well.
Ertuğrul was the father of Osman who was known as the founder of the Ottoman Empire who has ruled a big chunk of the world for 600 years.

The series has become the game-changer in influencing the youth of Pakistan and also has given a new perspective to the young generation who was totally lost. The series has built a bigger connection with the audience through the characters in Ertuğrul and the Pakistani audience is very much comparing those characters in real in personal, social, and political point views.

After seeing the Turkish series, some say it is Islamic revivalism while others find the cultural commonality that they didn’t know even existed in the first place.
Even with the hardcore fighting scenes that exist in the show, people are actually enjoying this series on state-run national TV channel PTV in Pakistan while the others who can’t wait are binge-watching the lengthy series at Netflix.

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