Top Five Free Music Streaming Apps

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Top Five Free Music Streaming Apps In Pakistan

Following is the list of the top five music streaming applications in Pakistan.


Everyone wants the latest and high-quality music on their phones for free but not everyone wants to take their time out to download songs on their phones. iPhone users have to download songs on their laptops first to transfer them to their iPhone through iTunes. So it’s not a thing everyone would like to do but if you have an internet connection and you want high-quality music on your phone then you don’t have to go through this tiring procedure at all. The apps shown in this article will make it a lot easier for you.



Even though Soundcloud is originally designed as an online audio distribution platform that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally created sounds but you can also find and enjoy your favorite songs here. A few years back it used to be the best music streaming app but then it got difficult for its users to find original versions of the songs they like as the app was flooded by remixes and covers. Well, we can’t blame the app for that cause, after all, that’s what the app was all about from the start anyway.



This is the best app for you if you are a Pakistani or a fan of Pakistani music. You will find a wide range of Pakistani music on Patari covering all the categories like Pop, Rock, Sufi, Qawali etc. A must-have app for Pakistanis and Pakistani music lovers.



Hungama is a great app for music streaming. Original content is what everyone wants and this app has it. If you’re into Bollywood music then this app won’t disappoint you at all. English songs are available but the choice is limited. Overall a thumbs up.



Saavn is an American digital distributor of English, Bollywood, Tamil and regional Indian music in over 200 countries. So the content is all original. We would have called it the best music streaming app only if it wasn’t for the ads. Yes, the audio ads are annoying but otherwise, this app is smooth and satisfying.



Gaana is a commercial music streaming app providing free and licensed music. 100% Original content but unlike Saavn there are no audio ads. A very vast variety of songs. For us, this has to be the best ”free” music streaming app out there.

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