“To All The Fires We Encountered Before!”


“Et al building catches fire!” This particular phrase, in many forms, is heard every other day by the masses brought out into open by channels trying to win the before-anyone-else game.

Similar incident happened today in Karachi as the fourteen-tier building named Noor Trade Centre near Gulshan-e-Iqbal area on main University Road got combusted. According to the local reports, the fire approximately killed 2 locals, and injured over seven to eight whilst they were struggling to save their lives.


It broke out at the fourth & fifth floors of the building which was later controlled within the span of 3 hours, rescued by four to five fire tenders and Pakistan Navy’s Helicopters who took part in the rescue operation and evacuated the trapped inside. The incident exclusively affected the traffic from Hassan Square to Nipa Chowrangi.

Finance & Trade Center Building

Similar incident happened earlier on Saturday night when the metropolis’ building Finance and Trade Centre, located on Shahrah-e-Liaquat caught light which erupted on the sixth floor; severity so intense, that it spread to the entire floor; reasons remain unknown.

But is this the end to the story?

The real question is why the country’s major trade buildings or crucial centers with confidential charters or documents are frequently under the effect of deathly ignition, reason being so understandable that it’s a wonder that these synchronistic incidents are paid no attention to.

Throwing it back to May 9, 2013, five days after the International Firefighters’ day, The LDA (Lahore Development Authority) Plaza Building erupted fire, killing over 25 people. Apart from the lively damage, some of the confidential documents had reportedly been missing. The documents contained information of the alleged corruption of the organizations related to housing and development, one of which was the Metro bus project documents.

 metropolis’ building Finance and Trade Centre, located on Shahrah-e-Faisal

Not only that, Rs1.5 trillion worth information of the corruption of the LDA officials got devasted. But it was a mere eradication since later after almost 2 months, the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) debarred the likelihood of the accident. According to the report, the incident had been prepped to look like an accident. Therefore concluded after much research and evidences, it was not an accident, but of no use.

In 2014, however, five different fire incidents took place in Karachi that cased loss of million of rupees. Where and why did the money got destroyed? A mystery yet to be solved by none.

Another incident happened the same year when a fire broke out suddenly in a sixteen-story building Shaheed-e-Millat Secretariat in Islamabad’s Blue area. Coincidently, the fire initiated in the record room of the Estate office that held valuable files of allocated plots and houses to the government officers. The irony is massive here. The event wasn’t really pursued by exhaustive investigations and the results never seemed to be brought out.


This was followed by a 2018 incident in the Maal Khaana (Warehouse) of the City High Court, Karachi that engulfed the record house, case properties and valuable records and proof-based ammunition.

The incident took place in a sealed room of the Maal Khaana.


The mysterious fire too never gave the game away, and the initial probe divulged that it was the police’s negligence. The cases suffered irreversible damage due to the absence of the case files that got destroyed.

All in all, all these fire shows that take millions of lives almost every other day seems to have camouflaged the veracity throughout by the over-privileged culprits accompanied by fraudulent swindlers somehow doing the trick to cast aside the just.




Tooba Malik

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