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This Pakistani Legend Apologizes To Muhammad Waseem On Behalf Of His Country

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Cricket legend Wasim Akram applauds Pakistan’s boxing pride and apologizes to him

Boxer Muhammad Waseem recently made headlines for his first-round knock-out win against Filipino boxer Conrado Tanamor in Dubai. On his return, however, he had to travel from the airport in a taxi, as no one was there to receive him. When a fan tweeted about the ill-treatment, he replied that his aim is to make Pakistan proud, not earn victories for a huge welcome.

The aforementioned tweet prompted a response from Pakistani cricket legend Wasim Akram. He quote tweeted Muhammad Waseem’s tweet and won the hearts of the people by apologizing for the boxing officials’ behavior, saying that he would lead the charge and welcome Waseem himself, the next time he comes back home after a win.

Wasim Akram said that our heroes deserve a hero’s welcome and we couldn’t agree more!


Muhammad Waseem dedicates recent win to ‘Kashmiri brethren’

Muhammad Waseem’s victory over his Filipino opponent in 62 seconds will inspire youngsters in Pakistan. He has now braved 10 bouts now and only lost one, while this was his seventh win through knock-out.

The boxer dedicated his victory to the Kashmiri brothers, who are facing atrocities at the hands of the India military.

“I’m really happy to win this fight in the first-round knockout. I had already announced that after winning the bout I’ll dedicate it to my Kashmiri brethren, so I’m dedicating this win to them,” he said in a video message after the win.

Waseem’s past troubles

This was Waseem’s first fight with his new management MTK Global. He had to go through a period of inactivity, where he was training his best and looking for the opportunity. However, he had issues with managers and finding sponsorships.

Waseem is the most decorated boxer Pakistan has produced in the last decade. He said that his goal is to become the world champion in the future.

“I’ve been training really hard for this fight. I knew I’ll be a world champion soon. I’ll keep on performing in future also to make my nation proud,” he said.

muhammad waseem

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