This Female Lyari rapper is ready to revolutionize Rap!

Meet Eva B, a female teenager from Lyari who came out as a productive result of this year’s Aurat March, we can say.

This Female rapper from Lyari is ready to bring a revolution in Rap Culture!

Eva has introduced herself in the Lyari underground rap culture with her impressive song “Apna Time Ayega” which is Eva’s rendition to the track from Ranveer Singh’s Gully’s Boy.

Pakistani journalist Fifi Haroon introduced Eva through an interview with BBC Urdu and termed her as the rapper who isn’t allowed to reveal her identity by her family.

The girl belongs to a Baloch family and lives in Lyari where she learned Rap from her neighborhood friends and was supported by her cousins. Her brothers, however, weren’t really supportive of the idea of her singing, but later agreed to let her sing and observe niqab (veil) while keeping her identity obscure.

She further shared that it was Gully Boy that inspired her a lot and that she could relate to the film at so many points. She terms the film as one of the biggest reasons for her devotion to achieve her goals and wants to become the biggest rapper of the country.

This Female rapper from Lyari is ready to bring a revolution in Rap Culture!

When asked how she is going to move forward in a veil, she gave a very smart reply saying, “Marshmallow has a lot of flavors, but yet no one has seen it exactly.”

Like any other woman who wants to achieve her goals, Eva too was criticized by many.

Eva’s track is every female’s anthem, and was also played at the end of Aurat March on March 8, 2019 and was released officially on Patari; a perfect treat for this year’s International Women’s Day.

The video features a girl clan based on 3 women, voiced by Eva’s rap. The song is a local design house’s collaboration with Eva featuring their attires. The video is a project of Patari, and a collective crew named “From Lyari Streets”.

Watch it here:

We wish her the very best in life and hope that more women continue to chase their dreams and make the nation proud.

Tooba Malik

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