These Celebrities From Pakistan Say No To War

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These Celebrities from Pakistan Say No To War Amid Tensions

During the soaring tension between the two nuclear states, Pakistan and India, a few celebrities from Pakistan shared their views on the social media and spread the message of peace following the steps of their Prime Minister Imran Khan.


The first one to share her message on the social media was our very own Armeena Rana Khan who promoted the viral hashtag #SayNoToWar



The Janaan actress also criticized some of the Bollywood actors for spreading a message of hate and violence.



Mawra Hocane also criticized the Indian media of not diffusing the tension but adding fuel to the fire.



Pop singer Hadiqa Kiani appreciated the very mature response from our Prime Minister.



Vlogger Zaid Ali T used Twitter to criticize those who are favoring war without even thinking about the consequences



Popular actress Sajal Aly suggested believes that war should be the last option between the two countries.



Film actor Fahad Mustafa who hosts the popular Game Show Jeeto Pakistan also said No To War



Actor-director Amena Khan also praised Prime Minister Imran Khan and his stand

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