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Tania Aidrus Hopeful Of PayPal & Cryptocurrency Arrival In Pakistan!

Tania Aidrus

Tania Aidrus resigned from Google to serve her country!

Pakistan is on the verge of becoming a paper-free country and we can’t be happier. However, for Digital Pakistan to become a reality, we must thank Prime Minister Imran Khan as well as another person who quit her job abroad to serve her country. Yes, we are talking about Tania Aidrus who returned to Pakistan after 20 years, to lead Pakistan into Digitalisation.

Tania Aidrus

Tania Aidrus is all set to bring PayPal in Pakistan that will help in solving loads of problems of freelancers. PayPal is an American company working worldwide that supports online money transfer around the world.

Recently Tania Aidrus visited a university where she discussed Paypal issue with students:

“We don’t have any champions of ours in PayPal and it isn’t straightforward to deliver it within the nation.”

She further added:

“We need to give them an assurance that if they come here, we will understand their issues of compliance. We will start engaging them in a way that will be understandable to them.”

Not only PayPal she said also talked about the cryptocurrency, which is blocked in Pakistan. She said:

“We have to deliver long-lasting modifications to Pakistan. We want our expertise to remain in Pakistan. We have to reverse the mind drain. If we maintain shedding our prime expertise, we can’t count on any good.” 

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