Syed Noor To Try His Luck Yet Again

Syed Noor To Try His Luck Yet Again

After the golden age of the 60s and somewhat 70s, Pakistani cinema underwent its dark ages for the longest period. Many films makers came in to fill in the void such as the likes of Sangeeta, Syed Noor etc. The movies were totally in control by financiers whose motives were quite different from simple filmmaking. All the movies that were made were low cost; either absolutely had no story or was cheap and terrible copies of foreign movies. Uneducated and illiterate actresses with their cheap and tawdry dance moves flooded the screen. They all were doomed to be hit among certain social class only.

One of such film writer, producer, and director who was a highlight of this Dark Age was Syed Noor. Making low cost, cheap and aimless movies financed at times by the most dubious characters as producers epitomizing the typical Gandasa Culture. In those darkest of times, one or two of his films just gleamed out such as Jeeva, Chooriyan and Majajan etc. However, the truth is that Syed Noor had no aim of catering quality. Although this will sound harsh, this is the truth.

Last year, Syed Noor released a movie Chain Aye Na, the cast of which comprised of Shahroz Sabzwari and Sarish Khan. In the twenty-first century, the director launched a movie that should have been made in the 80s. We will not go in details of the reason for its failure just yet, however, the movie even failed to attract a handful of people on its opening day. Even his wife Saima ji, didn’t turn up for the premiere of the movie. The movie Chain Aye Na turned out to be a total disaster for Syed Noor to an extent that the investors for his other two movies withdrew. They not only asked for a total refund but none of the other investors were willing to drain their money. As a result, Aaina 2 and Jungle Main Mungle got shelved and hopefully forever. Adding on, after the debacle of Chain Aye Na, the investor of Aaina 2 Mr. Sohail Kissat ran miles away from Syed Noor to the point that he is now untraceable. What is even sadder is the fact that the Aaina 2 Press Conference was held at Movenpick Hotel Karachi and was attended by the great pair of Nadeem and Shabnam.

Nevertheless, it is now rumored that Syed Noor has been able to rope in yet another investor (from Norway) to sink his money in a new movie project titled Selfie. Accordingly, the concept, the script and nothing about the movie has been finalized yet but knowing Syed Noor, he must have given a convincing spiel to the producer to secure his mullah. We would advise the producer to have a chat with the financers of the movie Chain Aye Na before sinking his money here. There are many good filmmakers that are doing a great job so maybe by investing a little extra, the producer can get his money’s worth. The promises are made yet again for coming up with a movie that is going to meet the taste of masses, followed by another commitment to work with new talent.

The reason behind the failure of Syed Noor movies is probably the money saving / money-hiding techniques. It lacked the feel of a movie in fact even the feel of drama. TV serials these days even have a better projection of storyline than Shah ji’s movies.  Certainly, there is an immense need for him to invest more capital in his movies that he acquires from the investor. After all, you get what you pay for. It is also rumored that some of the main cast, extras and some low paid crew were never paid. Syed Noor just ran away from Karachi without paying them and some vendors. Whatever the case is, let’s just hope that Syed Noor is able to see the writing on the wall and stops trying to make cheap movies and rather becomes a facilitator for new filmmakers to make good movies. Although after almost a decade of similar tasteless movies by Syed Noor, it is hard to keep our expectations high. On the other, it is surprising that good filmmakers don’t find an investor while after multiple disasters, these people are still able to find investors.

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