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Social media is Teary-eyed as Pakistan Bids Farewell to CWC 2019

CWC 2019

Pakistani cricket fans are teary-eyed as green shirts bid farewell to CWC 2019 after playing their last league match against Bangladesh today.

It was a tough challenge for our team to qualify for the semifinals considering the huge difference between the run rate of Pakistan and New Zealand. But we all were expecting some miracle to happen!

Being diehard Pakistani fans, we are pretty optimistic after winning the toss that our batsmen would score more than 400 runs. (Yes, that’s how much we love our team!)

However, the result was not what we expected and drowned our world cup dream. But still, we are happy that Pakistan cricket team ended their CWC 2019 campaign on a winning note, leaving us all emotional and teary-eyed!

Alongside Pakistani fans, our celebrities have also sent their heartwarming wishes to the team after PakvBan match today!

Even though we could not qualify for the next round, but this world cup had been an incredible experience for Pakistani fans so far. We had our highs and our lows yet we keep supporting our team and they gave us some of the most entertaining matches of this world cup.

Moreover, CWC 2019 also proved to be the last mega tournament for our legendary cricketer Shoaib Malik as he’s announced his retirement from ODIs.

On Twitter, #ThankYouMalik is trending on top as people are sending their love to one of our most famous cricketing stars!

Pakistani cricketers also shared their memorable moments with Shoaib Malik, paying a tribute to their senior player!


Pakistan cricket team won their last group match against Bangladesh and ended their world cup campaign on a winning note. The outstanding batting by Babar Azam was simply a treat to watch and Imam-ul-Haq also contributed a ton to a big total of 315.

However, the young Shaheen Afridi stole the show in the 2nd innings by taking 6 wickets single-handedly. And it is the best figures for a Pakistan bowler in the competition’s history!

Although we are a bit upset as our team could not make it to the semis but the CWC 2019 proved to be an exciting tournament for Pakistani fans. We will miss all the 1992 references, pre and post-match discussions on social media and of course, the endless memes that always make us smile.

We hope that the Pakistan cricket team will perform better in the next world cup and allow us to relive the 1992 dream again!

Kayenat Kalam

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