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Shaniera Akram Schools YouTuber Shahveer Jafry

Shaniera akram shahveer jafry

Shaniera Akram Schools YouTuber Shahveer Jafry Over Dangerous Road Stunt

Shaniera Akram, CEO of The Akram Foundation and wife of former Pakistan cricket legend Wasim Akram, has a heart of gold and has been a breathe of fresh air to the country ever since she’s moved here. She adores Pakistan and has been extremely vocal against plastic pollution and the need to recycle plastic in the country. She dreams of a cleaner and greener Karachi as much as the next Karachiite. In her free time, she schools people and tries to instill some civic sense into them.

Now she’s reprimanded vlogger Shahveer Jafry for doing a dangerous road stunt on a Pakistan road. Shahveer had uploaded a video where he is seen sticking his face out of a car window and dancing to a song, with a caption that read “Only in Pakistan”. This however did not go well with Shaniera.

She took to Instagram to share his video and expressed her displeasure over the dangerous stunt.

“Only in Pakistan” is he serious???- All the people dying on our road and this “influencer” does this!! Not cool man, not cool!” she wrote.

“Come and visit the trauma wards with me in our over-congested hospitals and then tell me if this was worth it! How dare you treat Pakistan this way, You think just because you’re in Pakistan you can do whatever you like? This is not cool, this is not post-worthy, nor is this influencing in any way, This is just selfish and really really stupid!”

Following the comments from people who thought Shaniera is being a bit too harsh, she said, “I’m sorry if people think I’m being harsh, but the reality is that I am being harsh to be kind.”

She said that he may have survived but kids that try to emulate him may not be so lucky.

“I’ve seen too many losses on our roads, too many heartaches from parents and siblings losing their loved ones. This kind of behaviour for me is unacceptable and if I have to be harsh to get through then so be it,” she said.

shaniera akram shahveer jafry

Shahveer Jafry Deletes Post After Shaniera Akram Reprimands Him

Shaniera asked the YouTuber to act in a mature manner and to take down his post.

shaniera akram shahveer jafry

Shahveer duly obliged and has since deleted his post from his Instagram account.

Shaniera Akram Had The Final Say In The Matter

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I may have reacted harshly towards vblogger @shahveerjay only because I was so disappointed that someone with his large following would be so obtuse about the dangers of hanging out of a moving car window at high speeds and then posting it! Many of you defended him and that’s fine, he seems like his heart is in the right place, but he would have copped a lot worse than the spray I gave him had he been in another country and caught by the authorises. But we are in Pakistan and I will always defend for the betterment of Pakistan, I am a true believer that just because I am in Pakistan that It doesn’t mean I have the right to do what ever I want. We still have moral and cultural values to uphold. And I’m sorry if people don’t like when I voice my opinion but I’m not going to stay quiet on topics such as this. I am not out to pick fights but I will pull people up if I believe what they are doing is wrong. Like many of us who live in Pakistan, we see so much unnecessary death caused by road accidents that could have been avoided. We have more injuries and fatalities on our roads because of human error and it’s at its peak. In Pakistan I have come very close to being in some serious accidents, chased, almost run over twice by under age kids who have taken their parents car for a spin, I have seen children flung from arms, people hitting windscreens, dead bodies with head injuries because of no helmet, deaths by the dozen because of speeding, texting or reckless behaviour only just in my neighbour hood alone, that’s only me, can’t imagine what the rest my country goes through. I’m fed up with it, I have campaigned, met with traffic and road governing bodies, designed TVc, written articles, pleaded for speed humps and awareness billboards, talked on morning shows, donated and given hundreds of helmets away, talked at universities, stood outside schools handing out flyers and even cried to my friends who still don’t think they need to put their seatbelt on. So when this post came out I was furious. Shahveer and I have spoken and hope to campaign together about the awareness of road safety. I look forward to working with him and hopefully we can save some lives together !

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