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Shaniera Akram Schooled Pakistanis For Avoiding Safety Precautions!

Shaniera Akram shares her series of tweets!

Eid is around the corner and that has brought plenty of people outside that couldn’t care less about the quarantine during the Coronavirus pandemic. Shaniera Akram has had enough of the phrase that our people are just used to hiding behind ‘this is Pakistan’ without taking the right safety measures and not taking responsibility.

She tweeted saying:


“I wish for once, people would stop saying “but this is Pakistan” and stop acting as though we don’t matter and start to take some responsibility. We can’t just sit around waiting for someone to come fix everything all the time. We owe it to ourselves & our country to try harder!”

She is trying to raise the issue of doing better and be better for their families and the country’s sake.

She further tweeted:


“Anyone with a challenged immune system cannot risk celebrating Eid with anyone other than who they are quarantined with, … If the people they are quarantined with go out and meet people, they are the ones likely to contract the virus and bring it home. Be smart everyone, stay home!”

In her, another tweet she shared:


“A challenged immune system can be anything you take medication for. Asthma, anemia, diabetes, all types of cancers, blood disorders even malnutrition! 35 million people in Pakistan have diabetes, so that is at least 35 million people who CAN NOT risk getting COVID19. #StayHome.”

Shaniera Akram requests the nation to stay indoors and keep themselves and their family safe in these testing times.

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