Shahid Afridi: Autobiography Draws Criticism

Shahid Afridi’s Autobiography draws criticism from cricketers and journalists

Recently launched Autobiography of Shahid Afridi titled “Game Changer” causes quite a stir and controversy. Ever since the book’s launch, there has been a barrage of criticism by senior journalists and former Cricketers alike because of its many inconsistencies. Senior Sports Journalist Rasheed Shakoor was the first to blast the book. According to him, the book is a causal write, without any research.

Another Senior Sports Journalist, Shahid Hashmi also reacted to the book. He tweets about Shahid Afridi’s unnecessary attempt to confuse Cricket fans. At the book launch, Afridi’s statement about the incorrect mention of his age in his ‘autobiography’ adds to unnecessary controversy.

Shahid Afridi calls Javed Miandad ‘petty’

In his book, Afridi calls the Renowned Cricketer Javed Miandad a ‘petty’ character. Miandad goes on to say that he understands why Shahid Afridi did so. Because such statements are a ploy to increase the sales of his book.

The former cricket maestro went on to say: “I am not surprised by the content of Afridi’s book. Nowadays one has to create controversies to sell biographies and autobiographies.”

Former Test batsman Imran Farhat felt ashamed after going through the book. He calls Afridi a “selfish player” who ruined many careers. In a series of tweets, the left-handed batsman discloses that it is very difficult to trust someone who could lie about his own age for 20 years.

The book has many inconsistencies and slander against renowned players. It seems that by this, Autobiography, Shahid Afridi wishes to achieve some publicity and quick sales for his book. Also, perhaps, he needs to be recognized as an author but that is a different matter altogether.

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