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Shaan Shahid Schools Famous Author Over Comment on PM Imran Khan

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The Twitter War Between Shaan Shahid and Salman Rashid!

Veteran actor Shaan Shahid is known to be vocal about politics and social issues on social media where his unfiltered comments always grabbed the limelight and often make headlines.

Recently, Shaan Shahid schooled a famous author over comments on Prime Minister Imran Khan in which he praised the premier. But what we didn’t see coming was it turned into an ugly Twitter war!

In a tweet, the Waar actor praised how PM Imran Khan is making Pakistan proud and has become a global leader for Muslims around the world!

Here’s what he wrote:

#manofpeace #manofjustice #manofwisdom . ⁦
⁩ . I say sir You are selected by the ALMIGHTY to lead Pakistan in the future .May the blessings of ALMIGHTY shine upon this nation . And may ALLAH guide us all .Pakistan hamesha Zindabad.🇵🇰♥️

Shaan also shared a picture of a quote by an American senator in which he called Imran Khan as the ‘best selection ever’!

Have a look!

This tweet went viral and many of his followers came out to tell him that there’s no senator named ‘Tony Booker’ and that this quote was fake.

The situation turned ugly after famous author Salman Rashid replied to Shaan with abusive words and called it ‘crap’!

Where Salman Rashid could have politely corrected the mistake, Shaan Shahid chose to reply to him in the same manner.

Shaan said that even though the quote was fake but every word of it was true and written for PM IK from the hearts of his followers.

That was not it as Salman Rashid made sure to end this the same way it started!

Well, it’s definitely not a sight to behold seeing two big names fighting in such a way that too on social media. You can always agree and disagree with others’ opinions but politely and with respect, as it doesn’t send a positive message to the world.

In another tweet, Shaan said that even though there’s no Tony Booker but there’s nothing wrong with the words written for our premier as we all agree to it!

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