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Shaan Shahid Pays Tribute to Veteran Pakistani Actors on Twitter


Shaan Shahid is praising veteran actors of Pakistan for their services whilst talking about the controversy surrounding Firdous Jamal’s comment about Mahira Khan

Where it’s been a while since we last saw Shaan Shahid on our screens, but the superstar is pretty active on social media these days, trying to revive the good old days of the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Being pretty vocal about current affairs and other social issues, Shaan Shahid often makes headlines for speaking his heart out. However, the actor is currently receiving love and appreciation from the people for his efforts towards bringing pride back to our nation.

With #Letsbringourprideback, Shaan is posting pictures of popular Pakistani actors who have served our entertainment industry for decades now. The actor is acknowledging their hard work and dedication in making a positive image of Pakistan.

Here’s what Shaan Shahid wrote:

Talking about Qavi Khan, Shaan wrote that we are in debt of his endless entertainment and services to the nation. He also praised his brilliance and humbleness which makes him an ideal for many.

Shaan Shahid also appreciated the brilliance of Rahat Kazmi and said that he worked when passion and hard work were the only satisfaction of an actor.

The Waar actor added that he wishes that we had a #performingartsmuseum where the future generations could relive the golden era of Pakistani entertainment.


Shaan also praised Shehnaz Sheikh for her effortless natural acting and hope that PTV starts acting workshops where veteran actors can pass on the knowledge to the younger generation.


While talking about Abid Ali, Shaan Shahid said that he was his inspiration and called him ‘the master of his craft’

He also thanked Sahira Kazmi for her endless contributions and services to this nation.

Acknowledging the passion and dedication of Irfan Khoosat, Shaan poured his heart out to praise the veteran actor

Shaan also praised Marina Khan and says that he’s a huge fan of her work.

Another veteran actress of Pakistan who deserves all the praise is Uzma Gillani and Shaan acknowledged her services as well

Talking about Firdous Jamal, Shaan wrote that he might be hated for his choice of words and difference of opinion but you cannot disrespect his endless dedication to his work and his brilliance in acting.

Shaan Shahid also talked about the recent controversy surrounding Firdous Jamal’s comment about Mahira Khan’s age.

Even though he doesn’t agree with his remark, the actor shared that he’s saddened to see all the hatred towards Firdous Jamal.

Other than this, Shaan has also been pretty vocal about reviving the passion for art and sports in our country, especially in young women. He is also sharing snippets from the golden era of Pakistan, reminding everyone about what where we lack now.

Shaan Shahid is also encouraging his fellow actors to help in this cause with #Letsbringourprideback!

In his efforts to call for a change, Shaan is also sharing the golden memories of a forgotten era with hopes that our younger generation will bring back the pride!

Shaan also mentioned how our ever-flourishing music industry is also struggling due to lack of resources

What do you think about Shaan Shahid’s call for a change? Let us know in the comments below!

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