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Sexual Violence – Perpetrators Continue to Prevail!

Sexual Violence On The Rise In Naya Pakistan!

On Tuesday, the dead body of a 10-year old girl was discovered from Shahzad Town, Islamabad. According to the police, the deceased Farishta was a victim of sexual violence. She was allegedly raped, murdered and eventually, her body was left in a forest near Chak Shahzad.

Perpetration of Sexual Violence Continues to Prevail!

Farishta belonged to KPK, was missing for a week

The victim’s family were not content with the way the officials handled the case. They believed that the post mortem was delayed needlessly, whereas the FIR was filed after a delay of four days.

That’s not all … Housewife subjected to rape followed by acid attackPerpetration of Sexual Violence Continues to Prevail!

This incident coincides with another shocking event that took place in Layyah, Punjab. The housewife was subjected to gangrape whilst she was asleep with her two children. The unidentified men entered the house and held the family captive on gunpoint after which she was physically assaulted.

Sexual Violence Victim was later admitted to Fatehpur THQ Hospital

Later, the culprits chopped her hair and threw acid on her while she was in the hospital. Although they managed to escape, the police are confident of their arrest.

22-Year Old Subjected To Sexual Violence in Rawalpindi

And in Rawalpindi, a case was filed against 4 men for sexually assaulting a 22-year old woman while she was on her way to her hostel. The offenders abducted her around 2 am and gang-raped her for almost 2 hours that too at the rear seat of the police vehicle.

The Alleged Rapists Included 3 Policemen, Used Police Van For Shameful Act

The victim was later dropped off near her hostel, where the alleged rapists deprived her of Rs. 30,000 cash and a valuable gold ring. The men include 3 police officers of Rawat Police named Muhammad Naseer, Rashid Minhas and Mohammad Azeem and a civilian named Amir Sikander.

Sexual Violence Victim Is Under Police Protection

The local court handed over the accused to the police on a five-day physical remand. The officers who conducted the crime have been suspended, whereas the victim and her family are under police protection. The police now await the report of the medico-legal examination of the victim for the further prosecution of the case.

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