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Security Guards In Plain Clothes Beat Up A Teen Boy Over Minor Issue!

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Street crimes are on the rise in Karachi. Last week a young female student was shot dead during a mugging incident. On Sunday, plain-clothes security guards in Clifton, Karachi, beat up a young boy.

The boy’s mother claimed that no one came to his rescue despite the incident happening in a busy area. The attackers were identified as the security guards of Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti a member of the National Assembly.

This incident occurred when 18-year-old Najam went to Darakhshan Market in Saba Commercial Area in DHA, Phase 5, to buy dinner. According to his mother, he was beaten up because of an altercation on the road. They also threatened and intimidated Najam and no one took action due to their aerial firing.

According to the reports, SSP South said there would be action against security guards. They will be punished if found operating out of their jurisdiction. No one is allowed to beat civilians whenever they want on petty issues.

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