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Salman Khan Inspires This Young Man & He Gets Arrested!

Salman Khan

Copying Salman Khan look proved to be too costly!

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has millions of fans all across the world and Pakistan is not behind. There is a number of people who follow the popular actor and copy style statement of his characters.
Something unique happened recently as one of the young locals of Lahore got very much impressed with his “Chulbul Pandey” look.
However, his acting skills are more impressive than his avatar. This young man was recently arrested on the charges of impersonating and using his fake uniform to getting his work done from different organizations.
He disguised himself in the avatar of being Sub-Inspector. In many pictures, he was seen in different local Police Stations. Mudassir’s pictures were shared on various platforms of Social media and it is difficult to say that he is a real cop or not.
This reminds us all that how much bad shape our Police is in where we can’t decipher between their real or fake officers.
However many people are making fun on his expense and these tweets were hilarious:

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