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Salman Khan Cancels US Concert With Mika Singh Over Pakistan Trip

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Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan Becomes The Latest Khan To Show His True Nationalist Face As He Cancels US Concert With Mika Singh

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has reportedly cancelled US concert with Mika Singh over his trip to Pakistan for a live show at a wedding.

In a shocking move, Salman Khan’s concert tour in the US featuring Mika that was to begin on August 25 has now been postponed to a later date. Apparently, the actor has taken a stand not to perform with Mika due to concerns over the singer’s Pakistan trip earlier this month.

The Federation of Western India Cine Employees association (FWICE) has already banned Mika Singh for performing in Karachi.

Mika Singh Apology

The singer thought apologizing publicly before the FWICE would take the heat off of him, and that he would be free to perform anywhere he wished all over again. However, nothing sane seems to be happening in a fascist-regime laden India these days.

The film body had earlier warned Salman Khan of working with the singer ahead of their US gig, saying:  “If any artist works with Mika, then he or she too could face a similar ban.”

Salman Khan, in true nationalist and illogical fashion, cancelled his performance with Mika Singh to appease the Hindus of India. It has become a norm in India for Indian Muslim superstars to publicly come out and express their love for their country just to feel safe and unbothered.

Federation’s Announcement

The federation made the announcement in reference to an upcoming six-city gig in the US where Salman Khan and Mika Singh were slated to perform.

A close friend of the Bollywood superstar was reported to have said that it is imperative for the star to distance himself from the singer who performed in Pakistan, ignoring the Modi government’s aggression towards Pakistan and Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Mika Singh has sung Salman’s biggest chart-busters including ‘Jumme ki raat’ (Kick), ‘Aaj ki party’ (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) and ‘440 volts’ (Sultan).

Are Sikhs Being Singled Out In Fascist India?

India, the self-proclaimed secular country, has been going out of its way to target Muslims and Sikhs. Neither Muslims nor Sikhs feel completely safe in a BJP/RSS created fascist India anymore. Shahrukh Khan has been trying to appease the nationalists by creating a propaganda filled Netflix series against Pakistan. Mika Singh is tortured for simply performing in Pakistan. The same Pakistan which yesterday reaffirmed its desire to open the Kartarpur Corridor for Sikhs irrespective of strained ties with India.

Thankfully, not everyone in India has completely lost all their senses. Shilpa Shinde, famed Bigg Boss 11 winner, has come out in support of Mika Singh. The actress in a recent interview has slammed AICWA and FWICE on banning singer Mika Singh after he performed in Karachi. She said that instead of criticizing the singer, “we should be proud of him as he was called to perform in Pakistan despite of them having such good artists.”

She further added “if our government is giving visa to Mika, who are the federations to stop him.” Talking about Mika’s apology for the incident and the federations threat to ban Salman Khan, she said that maybe Mika apologized under pressure and how many people will they ban? Challenging the federation if they can stop her from performing in Pakistan, Shilpa said that artists shouldn’t have boundaries, as art can bring peace between nations.

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