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Saif Samejo Jolts LSA 2019 With A Massive Withdrawal

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Saif Samejo Jolts LSA 2019 With A Massive Withdrawal

You may know Saif Samejo as the man behind the successful and the popular band Sketches, Lahooti Melo and a Sufi activist who promotes peace and harmony thru the teaching of great Sufi saints but Saif Samejo is more than that. He is now a one-man crusader against sexual harassment who single-handedly took on a music video director turned TV and film director recently for allegedly ‘molesting’ a girl at the Melo; disgusted and angry, he wants people at the helm to take women seriously and as equal, not as an object.

“The Sketches decided to join the bandwagon that has been returning its nominations”

And maybe that’s the reason why The Sketches decided to join the bandwagon that has been returning its nominations. It features Model Eman Suleman of the clothing brand Generations. It also includes makeup artist Saima Bargfrede, singer Meesha Shafi and filmmaker Jamshed Mehmood (Jami). Jami went a step further and gave off his LSA Trophy today by announcing  he will be“putting his trophy on the road outside his gate as it is useless for him.”

Saif Samejo and his band had a lot to say when they decided to not accept their nominations. They were nominated in as many as four categories and termed the industry as a Men’s Club. They said that it is everything instead something that offers equal opportunity to all.


When contacted by Hit in Pakistan, he went on to say that “The industry is men’s club. They dominate and rule the way they want. If a woman/girl dares to speak up and share her trauma in words they file a case against her. She is asked to shut her mouth, be sorry and obey.”

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He blasted those who like to humiliate women instead of doing something for the situation.

“Their ego is so precious to them. They join hands and humiliate the women instead of being sorry for their behaviors.”


Saif Samejo added. “It shouldn’t go this way and we at our level will go to any peak and condemn the patriarchy and stand with women/girls.”

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And with that, he chose to stand with his beliefs rather than share the nominations. With an alleged sexual harasser/abuser who seems to be in bed with those who think that sleeping with someone is ok as long as it’s consensual.


“We withdrew our all 4 nominations from #LSA2019 because we believe this way we are taking a side, respecting the woman & adding some echo to her voice.”


LSA has been criticized in the past for its bias and tilts towards certain camp. Allegedly, either for commercialism or nepotism by a select group of people. These people tend to control this platform. With so many big and credible names pulling out of nominations, puts a serious question mark on the past, present and future credibility of LSA.

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