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Saba Hamid Supports Daughter Meesha Shafi in The Court

Saba Hamid Meesha Shafi

Saba Hamid Testify as First Witness in Meesha Shafi, Ali Zafar Case

The Ali Zafar vs Meesha Shafi case has taken a new turn with the entry of the veteran actress Saba Hamid in the courtroom as her daughter’s first witness.

Saba Hamid appeared in front of the court on Tuesday and took her oath in the defamation case. Saba Hamid testified as a defendant on Meesha Shafi’s behalf and recalled the moment when she first confided her about the alleged sexual harassment incidents.

Saba told the court that Meesha informed her about the incidents of harassment 10-15 days prior to going public and said,

“I am never going to put myself in this position ever again”.

The veteran actress addressed the feelings of guilt and shame that stopped her daughter from coming forward after the first incident. However, after Shafi experienced a pattern of behavior from Ali Zafar, she stated that she was ‘compelled’ to come out and share her story publicly.

Earlier this month, Lahore High Court had dismissed Meesha Shafi’s case of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar. Meesha Shafi had filed an appeal against the singer in her harassment case after the court exonerated Ali Zafar for the first two times.

Meesha Shafi Files Rs. 2 Billion Damages Suit Against Ali Zafar

Saba Hamid Shares Her Experience of Being ‘Sexually Harassed’

Saba Hamid also shared that she has also been sexually harassed while working within the entertainment industry and understands why her daughter was afraid to talk about her experience. She also stated that women are reluctant to talk about such incidents because of ‘fear and embarrassment’ they are subjected to later from society.

The Pride of Performance winner actress added that women of her generation could never disclose the fact of being harassed but things are finally changing.

 “Things are changing now, and the present generations of working women are realizing that it is not their fault if they are being sexually harassed”. I believe that Meesha did the right thing by speaking up because it was in the public interest to do so.”

Moreover, Saba Hamid stated that there are other women who are still to come forward against Ali Zafar but she cannot reveal their names due to privacy reasons. When asked why she added that the victims are afraid to share their experiences as they are labeled as troublemakers and they lose work.

Saba Hamid Meesha Shafi
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Saba Hamid concluded her statement saying her daughter was unable to get any support before she took the step to go public via Twitter.

“Meesha is perceived to be an empowered woman but it is true that even the bravest the women experience fear of repercussions.”

She added that Meesha had nothing to gain from going public with her experience and only faced backlash, humiliation–emotionally, socially and financially.

The next date of hearing has been set to November 2nd.

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