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Renowned Urdu Writer Mujtaba Hussain Returns Award In Protest!

Mujtaba Hussain

The renowned Indian writer Mujtaba Hussain received Padma Shri in 2007!

Indian author and renowned humorist Mujtaba Hussain has decided to return his Padma Shri Award in protest to the Modi government’s policies. The writer was awarded India’s fourth-highest civilian award in 2007 for his services to literature but returned it in protest. He was saddened by the current situation in the country for targeting only Muslims.

He said in his recent interview:

“The unrest in the country, the atmosphere of fear which is being created, and the flame of hatred which is being fanned is truly disturbing. The democracy, which we worked for with so much pain and effort, and the way in which it is being destroyed, is condemnable. In these circumstances, I do not wish to keep any government award in my possession.”

He continued:

“In my 87th year, I am more worried about the future of this country, about the nature of this country which I leave for my children, and the next generation.”

The writer shared his worries over the growing hatred and fear among the community through the recent Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). After the passing of this bill, protests erupted all over India by student groups and civil society demanding rollback.

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