Professor Aziz Kingrani Finds Ancient Engravings On Stones In Kirthar Mountains!

Professor Aziz Kingrani

Professor Aziz Kingrani a research scholar claims to have found the ancient engravings of 60 symbols etched on the stones in Kirthar Mountains near Wahi Pandhi town.

The 60 symbols that are found are related to Moenjodaro and it was the first time it had been discovered out of the ruined city, says the Professor. It was the first time that the ancient script of Indus Civilization engraved on stones is discovered by Professor Aziz Kingrani.

Professor Aziz Kingrani

He informs,

“That he had discovered 60 symbols resembling those Indus seal script engraved on rocks in Khirthar mountains and said according to Asko Parpola, the Indus script was invented during 2600 BC to 1900 BC.”

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He further said that the area where the script is found is at the distance of 200 kilometers approximately from the ruined city of Moenjodaro along the old trade routes, which was used during that time for traveling outside the Sindh to western countries.

Professor Aziz Kingrani

The Indus seals script and it’s variant including it’s inverse and obverse signs inscribed on rocks is the proof in itself for the existence of linkage of the urban society of the Indus Valley Civilisation with its towns, villages and other remote areas, says the Professor.

The Professor explained that the script or writing system of the Indus Civilization was commonly widespread in the nearby localities in the Third Millennium BC. After the invention of the early other scripts, the usage of the Indus Civilization writing system was gradually disappeared.

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