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Private Sector A Scapegoat for Governments’ Failures

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Private Sector Being Made to Pay for Governments’ Failures

The Supreme Court has questioned how the government has failed to provide quality education but how private schools can be asked not to charge extra amount.

“If someone provides extra facilities and quality education then how could he be forced not to charge extra amount?” asked the Chief Justice.

According to Article 25, it is the sole responsibility of the government to provide quality education in which it has failed brutally and now the whole system of the government institution is collapsed.

Is Private Education Sector Being Asked to Foot the Bill for the Failure of the Government?

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The three basic deficiencies the government faces are incompetence, lack of will and corruption.

The government is unsuccessful in providing the very basic necessities for a common citizen at every level like electricity, water, sanitation, security, public transportation, hospitals, and basic primary and secondary education. A common man has to arrange for the basics whether hiring a security guard for security, buying a generator for power and buying tankers for water and sending their children to private schools because the government has failed to cater to its citizens’ needs that are promised under the constitution and for which government collects taxes from its citizens.

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The Chief Justice further added,

“If the prices of commodities go up then how come the private schools be asked not to increase the fees.”

The core issue is that the government schools have failed to provide quality education and that’s why private schools had to step in to fill the void. A network of schools has come into existence after the nationalization of 1972 and schools like Beaconhouse and The City School came into being as a matter of need.

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The private education system is being demonized by a certain section of the society that alleges that the private education sector is profiteering by turning education into a business. This might be true for a few select schools that also may have mishandled certain situations giving rise to this narrative. However, such a generalization is absolutely wrong and unfounded.

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“The section of parents that are protesting…… perhaps they are being used for a more sinister purpose”

The section of parents that are protesting is either using this narrative as an opportunity to not pay for their children’s education or perhaps they are being used for a more sinister purpose to systematically destroy whatever education is available to the children of Pakistan. Whatever the underlying cause for this disruption, one thing is very evident that the future of education may be very bleak in the months and years to come.

Nimra Arshad

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