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Private Schools In Pakistan To Reopen From August 15

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Private schools association rejected the federal government’s decision to reopen institutions from Sept 15, will organize a million march if the government tries to stop them.

All Pakistan Private Schools’ Association (APPSCA) announced on Monday, that it would open schools from Saturday, August 15, and rejected the federal government’s order that would allow the schools reopening from September 15, provided there is a continuous decline in COVID-19 cases.

The APPSCA head, Hidayat Khan, said during a press conference on Monday, that the country is seeing a downward trend in the reported COVID-19 cases. Our institutions have been closed for around six to eight months and due to this, the students are suffering huge losses.

He added that they tried to negotiate with the federal govt. but to no avail, as they are not listening to our proposals. He warned that they will organize a ‘million march’ if the government would try to stop them. He then criticized the federal government by calling it incompetent and would fail miserably if they were to run a campaign.

The joint press conference of the APPSCA was attended by different representatives from associations and schools around the country, including Malik Abrar, Dr. Afzal Babar, Zufran Ilahi, Sheikh Mohammad Akram, Zahid Dar, Kashif Mirza, and Iftikhar Ali Haider amongst the others.

They discussed the issues faced by the students as well as the institutions due to its closure for such a long time. And asserted that they would open the institutions from Aug 15, despite the govt.’s notification stating otherwise.

They said they would follow all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) in schools’ reopening, and added that the madrassahs of our country have not only been opened but they even held their examinations as well.

The association representatives said that around ninety percent of private schools operate on a rented property, and this long closure has left the schools in an extremely difficult situation to pay the rent, teacher salaries, and utility bills.

They demanded that govt. should include these expenditures payment in their COVID-19 relief fund, and also pay the school fees of the needy children whose parents are met with financial constraints due to the ongoing situation.

“Even countries badly affected by the pandemic have reopened their schools but we have not. The government’s wrong decision will create an education crisis in the country.”

He added that these institutions not only soften the govt.’s burden to provide quality education to its citizens but also pay seventeen to twenty-four types of taxes to the govt.

Hidayat cautions that if the schools of the country were not reopened soon, then this will result in the permanent closure of around fifty percent of private schools that will lead to an unemployment crisis as hundreds of thousands of people would lose their jobs.

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