Prime Minister Imran Khan Knows How To Win Hearts!

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Prime Minister Imran Khan Knows How To Win Hearts, Doesn’t He?!

Yesterday in front of the PRINCE of our times Mohammad Bin Salman, my Prime Minister Khan was pleading something. And you know how some of the people reacted when they saw the picture “Arey, yeh to Careem ka captain nikla. Sir please 5 stars deden; begging shuru”. Yes, you guys were very funny. But let me tell you what this “Careem Captain” actually said in front of that guy whose net worth is 9 times more than the British Royal family.

prime minister khan

He said: “The Laborers who leave their kids behind and go to Saudi Arabia to earn livelihood and don’t get to see their families for years and years. Those people are very close to my heart”. He added that these people are prisoners in Saudi jails, captured under very trivial matters but lack the right of representation to seek freedom. He then asked the Prince if it was possible if he can take care of them & consider them his own. Upon which the Prince declared himself the ambassador of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia, something that has never happened before.

And within a day, over 2000 prisoners were granted freedom! Do you know why this happened? Because prior to this, upon any rich foreign visit, our leader would shove huge project investments down their throats, from which they’d later fill their own pockets. It’s a first time a leader has spoken for the most neglected sector of our society and that too with so much sincerity and by saying that “it will please Allah”, that it actually worked. He begged for us, at least. No??

Before any of you try to be cool in your miserable lives by making such nonsense memes on this whole visit, remember that! You don’t know how many families are going to pray to Allah for him today. You don’t know how many unheard voices were given a chance today. And how much Allah will be pleased with someone who took care of those who didn’t have anyone to look up to. You’ll never go beyond these jokes, but this gesture will surely reach beyond the seven skies.

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