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PM Modi Lays Foundation Of Temple At Razed Mosque Site & Pakistan Is Observing Youm-e-Istehsal In Support Of Kashmiris!

Barbed-wire placed by security personnel stretches across a Srinagar street in Indian-controlled Kashmir, Aug. 11, 2019. Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan complained bitterly about what he described as repeated rebuffs from India over Kashmir. And he raised the threat of military escalation. (Atul Loke/The New York Times)

Youm-e-Istehsal Kashmir in Pakistan marks one year to the revocation of Indian Occupied Kashmir’s special status!

The day of 5th August marks one of the biggest days in the history as the day came with the black clouds on the Muslims living in Indian Occupied Kashmir when the RSS puppet PM Narendra Modi and his party passed the bill of annexing article 370 and 35 A, snatching the title of the special status.

Human Rights Watch

As Pakistan is observing Youm-e-Istehsal on a black day, on the other hand, Narendra Modi is literally mocking the Muslims as he lays the foundation of Ram temple at the site of razed Babri mosque which was built in the 16th Century. He kept the ceremony on the same black day to mock Muslims and show his Hindutva triumph.

The large Hindu crowd gathered to rejoice their victory despite coronavirus restrictions and there were no protocols that were being followed. On the other hand on the basis of Coronavirus pandemic, Muslims and other minorities are not allowed to gather at one place for their holy prayers and celebration of their festivities.

Pakistan has observed Youm-e-Istehsal to show their support and love for Kashmiris around the country even PM Khan has also unveiled the first-ever political map of Pakistan that includes Indian Occupied Kashmir as a part of Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan addressed the nation and in his speech on the occasion of Youm-e-Istehsal he said:

“Modi won the elections by playing the ‘hate card’ and after winning the elections, he decided to expand that base by revoking Kashmir’s status. “

“His win with a heavy majority gave him the confidence to do this and he received massive support from his Hindutva base for the Kashmir step. Second, he made the assumption that Pakistan would not do anything about it because it sought friendship with India. He thought Pakistan would keep quiet because we needed India. There was arrogance behind all of this,” he said.

He further stated:

“Modi knew that India is a big market in the world right now and the international community would want to keep good relations with it. India thought that the world community would keep silent because it needed it to counterbalance China. The biggest false assumption that Modi made was that he thought that by posting 800,000 soldiers in the valley, he could strike fear in the hearts of the Kashmiris, and then India would be able to change occupied Kashmir’s demography. India thought that when it showed its full might, the Kashmiris would surrender.”

He continued while saying:

“I think Modi made a strategic blunder.”

President Dr. Arif Alvi also lashed out at New Delhi in his speech saying:

“India has learned how to change the demography from Israel. India’s high-ups made many promises to Kashmiris and Pakistan but none of those promises were fulfilled.”

India is showing its true colors about how much of a democratic country it really is and how incredible India is in just a farce. The atrocities on the people of Kashmir are brutal and not acceptable. Pakistan will continue to raise its voice on all platforms and continue to be the voice of reason and the voice of Kashmiris.

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