PM Imran Khan Speech – A Reality Or A Bluff?

PM Imran Khan’s Speech - A Reality Or A Bluff?

Another day, another speech where Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation and vowed to go after “thieves who left the country badly in debt.”

In his speech on Tuesday night, PM Imran Khan answered many questions regarding the increase in taxes on the daily usable products. He explained to the nation that his government was trying to hush the cries of IMF demands, which were clearly visible in the recent budget.

It has been 10 months since Imran Khan promised a better Pakistan in his first address to the nation as Prime Minister. For a normal person, the government does not show any progress and this has brought a normal Pakistani’s expectations down. There is no stability at all, and people are exchanging their currency for US dollars to maintain their money’s standing.

While addressing the nation he shared the big news “that the country is now stable in terms of economic crisis from which it was going through,”. Was it a bluff to calm the investors or a tactic to relax them, no one knows.

PM Imran Khan’s Speech - A Reality Or A Bluff?
He further elaborated after stabilizing the government he will go after the thieves who have brought the country in such a bad position. His focus will be the government’s stability and some crisis management.

Bringing the wrongdoers to justice should be part of the government but for that matter, the most important thing is the control prices on everything. Yes! The corrupt people should be behind bars but the main focus right now is the increase in prices of daily usage products, for they affect the common man.

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The PM told the nation that he will be constituting a high-powered inquiry commission with one point agenda being the investigation into those who have raised the debt to Rs.24 0000bn in 10 years. The commission will comprise of individuals from leading agencies (FIA, IB, ISI, FBR, SECP) and they will prepare a report on the subject so they don’t leave the country.

PM Khan mentioned that the opposition’s hue and cry over rupee devalue is not important as they don’t care about the currency but are worried about their own corruption.

PM Imran Khan’s Speech - A Reality Or A Bluff?
He added that their main motive is to try to destabilize the country, which has made l the international investors skeptical of coming to Pakistan.

PM Khan also shed some light on the recent arrest of Asif Ali Zardari and Hamza Shahbaz, the bigwigs of the country’s political parties. He cleared that his party was not the one to have cases against them. They were filed before when the other two giants were in power as they used the justice system against their opponents.

PM Khan criticized the other two political parties for their incompetence and their unwillingness to bring change in the country. He said that their leaders preferred to go abroad for their medical treatment and that’s why there was no hospital to the needs of their subjects.

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All in all in his address PM Imran Khan once again stated that although the current scenario isn’t perfect, it is a step in the right direction. He said that he was hopeful of the path his government has taken and he would want the public to have faith in him and his team for a little more time.

Nimra Arshad

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