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PM Imran Khan Announce Historic Package of Rs1.1 Trillion For Karachi’s Development!

PM Khan

Rs1.1 Trillion will be given for Karachi’s transformation!

Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled the ‘historic’ financial package worth Rs1.1 trillion for ownerless Metropolis city’s development on Saturday.

The city’s drainage and sewerage issues brought into national focus after last month’s record-breaking monsoon rains that have caused damage to the infrastructure.

In his recent press conference in Karachi alongside Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and Governor Sindh Imran Ismail after attending the meeting of the ‘Karachi Committee.’

PM Khan said the Federal and Sindh government has decided to deal with Karachi’s issues together following negotiations.

PM Imran Khan said:

“I would have come [to Karachi] sooner but we had to make a structure. The army will play a big role, the package we have brought for Karachi is historic.”

“Our effort is to permanently solve Karachi’s water problem in three years,” he added.

He further added:

“The people who will be displaced [during the anti-encroachment drive] are the poorest so the Sindh government has taken responsibility for resettling them; the federal government will obviously remove encroachments.”

“We will make a proper system, there is also the problem of transport. We will also complete the KCR (Karachi Circular Railway) in this package. Then roads [will be built for] BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and other lines. We have decided to completely solve the issue of transportation and roads,” the premier said.

“We have a short term plan, then medium and our long term plan will not be longer than three years,” the premier said of the Karachi plan.

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