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Picture Of Imran Khan Reading The Anarchy Goes Viral

the anarchy

“Some guy” in shalwar kameez is reading The Anarchy, author tweets!

By now everyone must have seen the picture of Prime Minister Imran Khan reading a book known as ‘The Anarchy’, on his flight to Jeddah.

Funnily enough, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi looks on.

Who or What is The Anarchy?!

Prime Minister Imran Khan was reading The Anarchy by William Dalrymple, which is on the rise of the East India Company and the pitfalls of a corporation running a country. Dalrymple, a historian, has written a number of books on the Subcontinent.

PM Imran Khan’s reading material should not come as a major surprise to anyone, considering the book is about the British East India Company looting the Subcontinent and taking its wealth back to the United Kingdom and the Prime Minister just made a speech at the United Nations General Assembly in which he spoke about people taking looted money out of developing nations and investing it in rich countries in the West. Further, the Prime Minister has clamped down hard on wealthy politicians in Pakistan who have plundered money with ease in the past.

the anarchy

Praise and criticism

The picture has been met with mixed reactions, with the Prime Minister’s supporters praising him (and making memes comparing him to a certain former disgraced prime minister who goes by the name of Nawaz Sharif, known for reading off of notecards) and others calling the picture staged (they cite his glowing unlocked phone screen as evidence that mere moments before the picture was snapped, the premier was on his phone and picked up the book for a photo op).

But perhaps the funniest reaction came from the author himself.

Dalrymple, of course, knows who Imran Khan is and was just poking fun at the picture. After all, everyone in Pakistan should by now be clamoring to read his book given it has received an endorsement from the Prime Minister himself!

A lot of people poked fun at the foreign minister reading over Imran Khan’s shoulder and suggested he may need a book of his own.

The Anarchy has just been published and was trending on Pakistani Twitter throughout Sunday.

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