Pakistanis Win Meme Battle as India Bows Out of the World Cup


Pakistan might have bid farewell to CWC 2019, but Pakistanis are still having the most fun out of this mega tournament!

Yesterday, the epic contest between India and New Zealand proved to be as entertaining as Pakistan winning any match. The Kiwis have qualified for the big final after knocking out India in the first semifinal but Pakistanis are apparently the happiest people alive on the internet!

This world cup has been a crazy ride for us so far. Where we had low and high moments while supporting our own team, we had to root for other teams as well to make our semifinal dream easier.

Our love for cricket didn’t even stop us from supporting India in their group match against England and it was no less than ‘Aman ki Asha’. Pakistani fans were hoping that India will continue their winning streak but that didn’t happen either.

According to popular opinion, our neighbors showed no ‘intent’ in winning that match so they could subtly kick Pakistan out of the world cup.

Where things didn’t go as we hoped, Pakistanis are over it with their epic self-coping mechanism. They are clearly having the best time after New Zealand defeated India in an upset that too in the first two-day semifinal of CWC 2019!

Let alone the diehard Pakistani fans, even our celebrities were having the best time trolling India!

When the poetic justice comes into play!

On this happy occassion, how can we forget the Champions Trophy 2017 Final!

Even Indians couldn’t help but acknowledge this fact!

And *Kohli Nahi Hota Tujh Se Chase* is back!

New Zealand Zindabad!

They are happy as the saying ‘You Reap What You Sow’ became a horrible dream for India!

And our Bhola is also quite happy because ‘Mazay’!

We bet you can’t stop laughing either!

It looks like Pakistanis were waiting for India to lose this match so they could use all their meme content!


They are even ready to offer them a ride back home!

Regardless of what happened yesterday, Indian cricket team played brilliantly throughout the tournament. It’s the old-rivalry between the two countries which makes every contest so important on both sides of the border. Pakistanis clearly had a great day on the internet after a while and these memes are totally worth trending!

Kayenat Kalam

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