Pakistani Celebrities React after India Fails to Live Up to Expectations against England

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Pakistani celebrities are as disappointed as the fans after India’s loss to England in an important match!

Yesterday was a rare day in the Indo-Pak history when the whole Pakistan was supporting India to win against England in the world cup 2019 thriller.

Where surprisingly we were rooting for our neighbors to continue their winning streak and keep the ‘unbeatable’ tag, deep down in our hearts we just wanted to see Pakistan qualifying for the semifinals more easily. It was also a must-win match for England as they were struggling to qualify for the next round just like Pakistan.

The atmosphere on social media was like never seen before as Pakistani and Indians fans were having a great time on social media throughout the match.

From the references of the War of Independence 1857 to Lagaan memes and Aman ki Asha and what not, they were hoping that the history will repeat itself. But unfortunately, it was England who won against India at the end but it’s us, the Pakistanis, who are more disappointed than anyone!

We know how fans react after Pakistan loses against any team but this time it is different. Most of the Pakistani fans are now furious at India Cricket team as they failed to live up to our expectations (ironically enough). Many are also calling loss a ‘strategic’ one because Pakistan now has even lower chances to qualify for the semi-finals.

Not just the fans, Pakistani celebrities were also keenly following the IndvEng match. They also shared their reaction after India ‘strategically’ lost to England, drowning the dreams of Pakistan for the semifinals.

Former fast bowler Waqar Younis tweeted his post-match reaction. He sounds quite disappointed how some of the world class players *failed badly* in this contest!

Air Cdre Rashid ul Haq of Bangla Desh wrote:

“30 June 2019 will live in infamy in the history of cricket because the integrity, honour and code that governed the gentlemen’s game was shredded to pieces. It was done not only by brown skinned men of small vision and values but equally by fair skinned men of high moral and values.
Great players, heroes and role models to the future generations of their nations, great commentators, who were once seen as the pride of their communities, the coaches and the custodian of the game all fell victim to petty gains, sacrificing​ the very spirit for which sports are played.
That is how I believe history will remember the cricket match that was played between England and India.”

If you were following the match for the whole time, you must have noticed a tone of disappointment in former Indian player’s commentary as this is not usually how their best team in the world performs!

M. Jibran Nasir is also asking if India simply ‘gave up or held back’?

Laal Kabootar actress Mansha Pasha called it a ‘strategy’. She added that we should not expect any favors as we can still qualify for the semifinals by our own! (Insha Allah)

In another tweet, Mansha takes a dig at Indian players and wrote:

Famous anchorperson Kashif Abbasi also tweeted his concerns on how India performed last night!

Fakhr-e-Alam also shared a highlight from the match which explains the frustration among the fans!

He also asked Pakistani supporters to only rely on our team performances as no other team has any obligation to us!

Indian commentator Sanjay MAjrekar wrote that ‘Dhoni’s approach in the last few overs was baffling’!

However, Shafaat Ali’s reaction to this match is absolutely hilarious!

Ayaz Samoo is not happy either!

And he’s also super confused!

These reactions by Pakistani celebrities show that despite the differences, we all know how brilliantly the Indian team performs at any stage. But as they failed to continue their winning streak, Pakistanis cannot be more disappointed.

Well, being a diehard Pakistan cricket fan is not easy and this is what our team made us do!

And ironically, this was the highest peak of patriotism yesterday!

Pakistanis before the match!

And this is the reaction of every single Pakistani after India lost!

And Twitter is having the best share of memes!


Regardless of what happened between England vs India, Pakistan still has a chance to qualify for the semifinals given that New Zealand beats England in their last group stage match and Pakistan wins against Bangladesh. Nevertheless, the CWC 2019 is getting more interesting and exciting with every match. Considering the unpredictable nature of our team, we are pretty nervous and excited at the same time.

Kayenat Kalam

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