Pakistani Celebrities On Indo-Pak tension

There is a stark difference between the Bollywood celebrities and their Pakistani counterparts; they are blaming Pakistan on social media for a war ignited by their Prime Minister ahead of the Elections while ours paint a different picture, calming the situation and saying no to war.

Hamza Ali Abbasi took to Twitter and said he felt sorry for the Indian masses to have believed that they were successful to have put surgical strike and can attack Pakistan anytime they want. All thanks to the media. He further added that he feels sorry for India to be convinced that it is Pakistan because of whom Kashmir has been in unrest for decades and hopes for them to grow up. He too has been actively participating in posting hilarious memes about it.

Shan Shahid, on the other hand, replied to Javed Akhtar stating that “Actually now is the time to come and show the friendship and trust you have on us… it is a fact that Pakistan has to do nothing with this (directing towards Pulwama attacks). Remember hates wins elections… we condole the deaths of all who died in this tragedy… from 1947 till 2019.

Gohar Rasheed also took a plunge and tried to respond sarcastically acknowledging Pakistanis to be too brave that they can even dare to visit the Seaview if told that there’s a Tsunami coming. He called out Modi and said that the Pakistani nation isn’t afraid of war, rather they’d get excited about it.

He further says that the Indian government and army have no legitimate proof for the accusations they are making on Pakistan for Pulwama attacks and surgical strike.

Then there was Armeena Rana Khan who pointed out that some of the Bollywood celebs were glorifying war and thus acting insane, rather artists should be the ones condemning the agitation.

She even called Priyanka Chopra a hypocrite for tweeting in favor of war despite being the goodwill ambassador at UNICEF.

The famous singer Hadiqa Kiani also pleaded to stop the bloodshed and asked for peace. She further clarifies that she has nothing to gain from India and the most that matters in this world is peace and understanding.

Mahira Khan also retweeted Fatima Bhutto’s tweet, saying that, “Nothing uglier. Nothing more ignorant than cheering for war.”She further hopes that sense prevails among people of India, soon.

All in all, we can say that the Pakistani celebrities have been coherent about the matter unlike the ones from the other end. Long live Pakistan!

Tooba Malik

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