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Pakistani Celebrities Condemn Domestic Violence On Gulnaz Bibi

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Pakistani celebrities are raising their voices against domestic violence and condemning the shameful act by Arsalan, Gulnaz’s son, who beats his mother in the viral video.

Famous Pakistani celebrities, including Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ushna Shah, Armeena Khan, amongst others, have condemned the shameful act by a Rawalpindi man named Arsalan for beating his mother Gulnaz Bibi in a viral video.

The video of the incident went viral of social media platforms on July 21, prompting outrage from the netizens. They are demanding justice for Gulnaz Bibi and Zoobia Meer, the mother and sister of Arsalan (the culprit) respectively.

Although the clip only shows the footage of Arsalan beating his mother Gulnaz Bibi, her sister Zoobia Meer has claimed that she was also the victim of thrashing from her brother. And said the altercation took place after a dispute involving money and property. She said his wife was standing there and watched the whole incident and did nothing.

The heinous incident prompted outrage on social media and many people, including renowned public figures have raised their voices in condemning the act.

Saba Qamar has requested the authorities to take immediate action against the culprits and called it a cruel and inhuman act!

Superstar Hamza Ali Abbasi communicated his deep disdain for the shameful actions of Arsalan in the video and said that he can’t even think to attach that video in his post, as he is lost for words. He added that such a demon-like creature Arsalan, who has beaten his old mother will go to the deepest corner of hell.

While renowned actress Ushna Shah shared the incident clip and posted that just viewing this clip is causing such an emotional toll on her. She said she cried after watching such a shameful act, and that she wants to fly back to London and hug her mom. The starlet added that the culprit should be brought to justice.

Ali Rehman Khan also termed the act disgusting and despicable. And demanded swift justice from the authorities in this matter, adding that the son who has raised his hands on his mother and called her names should be behind the bars.

Actress Armeena Khan posted that she didn’t have the heart to watch the video properly, so she didn’t switch on the sound. Just the graphical violence of this horrible human being was enough to upset her, and she wished that she was there to protect her from this shameful assault. She demanded that Arsalan and his wife should be put behind bars.


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