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Pakistani Astrobiologist Discovers Signs Of Life On Saturn’s Moon Enceladus


Astrobiologist Makes Pakistan Proud!

Dr. Nozair Khawaja, a Pakistani-German Astrobiologist, along with a team of US and German scientists discover signs of life in outer space.

An organic molecule, considered the prerequisite for the existence of life, was discovered on one of Saturn’s 62 moons. The scientists believe Enceladus may have extraterrestrial life and this discovery might change the way we see space.

Dr. Khawaja said in his interview with a media outlet:

“A Cassini Spacecraft was sent to Saturn system in 2004 and since then we have been continuously analyzing the data from Cassini and trying to characterize the material from Enceladus.”

They have discovered signs with an old Cassini Spacecraft that did a remarkable job. Now with the advanced technology, it will be much easier to explore Enceladus’ ocean with in-depth detail.


Dr. Khawaja Further said:

“Science is all about analysis and experimentation. We have data from the Cassini spacecraft and I am still working on it. We are trying to connect all the missing puzzles of this mysterious moon.

“All the moons of Saturn are extremely cold. When we talk about life on Enceladus, we are talking about its sub-surface. There is an ocean on the subsurface of Saturn’s Enceladus, which keeps it in contact with the rocky surface,” said the scientist.

He further explained:

“We cannot say for sure that the origin of these molecules in living organisms, nor can we say that that life exists on Enceladus. Instead, we proposed that these molecules originated from hydrothermal vents inside Enceladus. Such a hydrothermal system also exists in the Earth’s ocean where microbial life exists. Therefore, the origins of these molecules are undecided but they have astrobiological potential.”

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