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Pakistan Stock Exchange Is Attacked By 4 Terrorists!

Pakistan Stock Exchange comes under attack as security forces kill all 4 terrorists!

Pakistan Stock Exchange came under attack as four terrorists marched towards the compound of PSX by throwing hand grenades and opened fire on the security officer outside the building on Monday morning.

Pakistan Stock Exchange

Timely response by the security forces has led the operation successfully and all the 4 terrorists were killed by the officials and the forces have cleared the vicinity as well. However, unfortunately in the attack, one sub-inspector and four security guards were also martyred. Moreover, three officials have been injured and one citizen has also been killed, confirmed the police statement.

According to reports, four terrorists came out of their vehicle, threw grenades, and opened fire at the compound, and tried to storm towards the entrance but they were killed immediately by the security forces.

Police also shared that the terrorist was carrying advanced weaponry, hand grenades and a high amount of explosives and the forces are examining a suspected car parked outside the compound of PSX.


According to the statement of PSX Managing Director Farrukh Khan on a news channel he termed the attack as an “unfortunate” incident as well as “the number of people in the compound was lower than normal — usually close to 6,000 — since many employees were working from home due to Covid-19.” He also praised the security forces’ timely response to the attack.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah condemned the whole incident saying:

“It is akin to an attack on national security and economy. Anti-state elements want to take advantage of the virus situation.” He also praised the “prompt action” taken by the security forces. Even Governor Sindh Imran Ismail condemned the attack through his tweet:

“Strongly condemn the attack on PSX aimed at tarnishing our relentless war on terror. Have instructed the IG & security agencies to ensure that the perpetrators are caught alive & their handlers are accorded exemplary punishments. We shall protect Sindh at all costs.”

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