"> Pakistan Navy Foils Indian Submarine's Plans - Hit In Pakistan

Pakistan Navy Foils Indian Submarine’s Plans

Navy successfully stop the Indian submarine to enter the waters of Pakistan

The Indian Submarine trying to enter into waters of Pakistan

Pakistan Navy foils Indian submarine’s attempt to enter Pakistani waters

The Pakistan Navy foiled an Indian Submarine’s attempt to enter Pakistani waters on Tuesday and successfully sent the sub back to India after a stern warning. Although the tension between the two countries has increased after the Pulwama incident, it was expected that things would normalize after the return of Abhinandan, the captured Indian Air Force Pilot.

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However, it seems that the Indian Armed Forces are hell-bent on proving their superiority in the region, even if it means retreating from Pakistani waters after being warned by the opposition. According to reports, the Pakistan Navy send the enemy submarine back despite having locked them on target, just to show that peace is still a better option for both the sides.

“The Pakistan Navy used its specialized skills to ward off the submarine, successfully keeping it from entering Pakistani waters,” a statement from the spokesperson said.


Learning from this incident, India should also work towards peace, the statement added.

“This great feat is a testament of the Pakistan Navy’s superior skills. The Navy will keep defending Pakistan’s naval border. The force has the capability to respond to any aggression.”

This was not the first time that an Indian submarine’s attempt to enter Pakistanis waters was foiled by the Pakistan Navy; back in 2016, they effectively thwarted an Indian submarine from entering the nation’s regional waters.

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