Pakistan Installed 9 High-Tech Radars To Secure Airspace


High-Tech Surveillance Radars installed to secure the airspace of Pakistan!

The rising tensions between Pakistan and India prompted the Civil Aviation Authority to install high-tech surveillance radars at the various airports in the country.

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These upgraded radars have an ability to locate and detect any authorized aircraft trying to violate the airspace of Pakistan from a wide range.

The new system of radars has been installed at Jinnah Terminal in Karachi, Allama Iqbal International Airport at Lahore and at New Islamabad Airport.

Some of the radar systems are installed at the critical locations such as Pasni, Rojhan, Lakpass area of Baluchistan.

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Three of the systems are equipped with the primary surveillance facility while six radars have secondary surveillance facilities that are made in Spain and the Czech Republic.

These new radar systems are fully equipped with Central Air Traffic Management System. A Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) official said installing these radar systems is the need of the hour.

The idea is to secure and improve the security of our airspace and detect any aircraft that tries to violate the airspace of our country. Pakistan is ready to tackle every situation and these installations of Radars is for the same purpose.

Nimra Arshad

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