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Pakistan Celebrated Its Diplomatic Victory Over India In Map At SCO!


Pakistan hails triumph over India!

Pakistan has triumphed over India recently in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and Delhi objected to displaying the new political map of Pakistan by Russia.

Indian NSA Ajit Doval walked out in protest during a speech at the dialogue by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National security Moeed Yusuf.

Moeed Yusuf tweeted:

“Bizarrely, my Indian counterpart chose to walk out of Pakistan and Russia’s speech. Left a bad taste at a forum whose whole spirit is cooperation.”

In his official statement, he said:

“India’s spurious claims were rejected as it faced defeat after its formal objection to Pakistan’s new political map was overruled”.

The political map was unveiled on the day before the annexation of Kashmiri people’s rights.

However, India protested to Russia who was hosting the meeting and they conveyed Pakistan about their reservations. But Foreign Office rejected the Indian reservations and refused to remove the map.

According to the National Security Division (NSD):

“Pakistan highlighted that India under international law had no legal rights to claim the internationally recognized disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir as part of India. Pakistan informed the SCO secretariat that India’s illegal and unilateral actions in IIOJK were in grave violation of the UN Charter and UNSC resolutions on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.”

It further stated:

“Once again, India’s attempts to make a significant multilateral forum subject to petty bilateral debate failed, and Pakistan’s new political map and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people were highlighted during the meeting of National Security Advisors of SCO member states.”

However, the map remained on display in Mr. Yusuf’s background during the SCO meeting prompting Mr. Ajit Doval to walk out during the conference.

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