PAF jets send Indian planes back after they violate LoC


PAF jets send Indian planes back after they violate LoC

Earlier today two Indian jets crossed the Line of Control and entered Pakistan’s airspace but were sent back when Pakistan Air Force [ PAF ] forced chased them to fall back.

Major General Asif Ghafoor tweeted “Indian Air Force violated Line of Control. Pakistan air force immediately scrambled. Indian aircraft went back.”

In his next follow up tweet, the DG ISPR updated the nation that Indian aircraft entered Pakistan’s airspace from Muzaffarabad Sector in the dead of the night but when they faced aggression, fell back after dropping payloads in an urgency to escape. The payload fell near Balakot, however, no causalities and damage were reported.




In the last tweet related to the story, DG ISPR added the pictures that show the dropped payloads by Indian planes near Balakot.

Update: Pakistan gave a befitting reply to India after the latter continued to violate the Line of Control and the border regulations. India claimed to have made a surgical strike in Pakistan and what it believed was a training camp of terrorists. Evidence suggests that no training camp exists there. Moreover, Pakistan downed two Indian planes in response.

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