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No Corruption At Top Level During Our Two-Year Tenure Says Imran Khan!

Imran Khan

Imran Khan discusses some important notions during his interview with Al Jazeera!

Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently given an interview to Al Jazeera through a remote link on completion of his government’s two-year tenure where he shared some crucial information that most of the Pakistanis also want to ask.

No Corruption at the top level!

Prime Minister claimed:

“Corruption is one of the biggest killers of society…today there’s no mega corruption scandal in Pakistan because at the top level we controlled it. Problem is still we have corruption low down the level, which is again going to be a struggle, we need to take a lot of steps eventually to control corruption at all levels. Its struggle and it’s not going to happen quickly.” 

“And so reason why we have not been able to clamp down on corruption is because those who come into power and make money using the power to make money have never been held accountable. This is for the first time in our history that the powerful are being held accountable,” he continued.

Everything is good with the Army!

Prime Minister Khan also shared that his relationship with the army’s top official is the most harmonious and military support them and they are very much happy with his government policies regarding Afghanistan or India.

PM Imran Khan got upset when he was questioned about giving responsibilities of major government departments to the retired military officials at the place of more civilians should be appointed for the country’s image.

PM Khan snapped at the question and he said:

“What international image. This is a democratic government. We won an election … we challenge anyone to question the election. We asked the opposition name us any constituencies which you think you didn’t get a fair result we are ready to open them up.”

On the question of his government relationship with the army he elaborated:

“We have an excellent relationship [with the army’s top brass]. I honestly think it is the most harmonious relationship. We have complete coordination, we work together, the military completely stands by all the democratic government’s policies whether it is with India, whether it is for a peaceful solution in Afghanistan…everywhere the military stands by us.”

Media freedom!

On freedom of media, he said:

“There is absolutely no way that the media freedom, or freedom of speech, would be curtailed under my watch.”

“What is the evidence…can you just tell how we are curtailing the freedom of speech?” he further added.

Relations with India!

He shared about Narendra Modi and the long impending Kashmir issue:

“Just make it clear I do not believe in military solutions. I have never believed in military solutions. The moment I became prime minister I extended a hand of friendship to India, but the tragedy of India is that it is being ruled by an extremist, Hindu supremacist government inspired by the ideology of Nazis.”

He further added:

“Look at the history of RSS, which is basically ruling India, it was an extremist organization, thrice outlawed in India as a terrorist organization. They now control 1.3 billion people nuclear-armed.”

“We have knocked on all doors and will keep doing so, the reason why certain parts of the world are not responding is because unfortunately, countries worry about their commercial interests. They look upon India as a huge market and so they are willing to ignore this huge travesty of justice that is taking place there [Kashmir]. It doesn’t mean that we are sitting down and accepting this. We will keep trying.”

Palestine-Israel conflict!

“Israel must recognize this that if they do not allow the Palestinians to have a just settlement, a viable state, this issue will not die down. Even if other countries recognize it, it will not die down; the issue will continue to fester. It is in Israel’s interest that there should be a just settlement.”

Relations with China

PM Khan shared:

“Our relationship with China is better than ever before. For us, the way we look at it is…our future, economic future is now linked with China.”

“China is growing at a faster pace than probably any other country and Pakistan can really benefit from the way China has lifted its people out of poverty,” he added.

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