New Zealand Artist Honors Christchurch Attack Hero With A Mural

Terrorism is a universal phenomenon that should be condemned all over the world. Naeem Rashid, the Pakistani who saved lives by embracing shahadat during the Christchurch Mosque attack has been hailed as a hero by all, while a Mural artist of New Zealand went a step ahead to pay his respect in the form of art.

The mural artist Paul Walsh paid the tribute to the martyr in West Auckland with the portrait of Naeem and the mural saying “Remember the Heroes.” Paul took to Facebook and shared the logic behind his mural too.

Another mural of a Crying Kiwi also depicting his feelings over the incident.

The Governments from all over the world condemned the act and paid tribute to all those who were martyred or injured in the terrorist attack. The Prime Ministers of both Pakistan and New Zealand, along with many other countries hailed the heroes of the attack, without whom the death toll might have increased.

Nimra Arshad

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