NASA Confirms Destruction Of Indian Satellite And Debris Threat

The Indian Ballistic Missile destroyed its own low altitude orbital Satellite five days back in response to show its space power advancement which scattered the 400 pieces of debris into the orbital space which is a direct threat to International Space Station (ISS).

The head of NASA has stated on the destruction of one of its own low altitude Indian Satellite which is a very “terrible thing” to do and the event has created 400 pieces of orbital debris which a big threat to the International Space Station (ISS) and the astronauts aboard.

The head of Nasa confirmed the news after five days when India shot down its own low altitude orbiting satellite in missile test to prove the world that it is among the world’s highly developed space technology.

The debris created by the destruction is not all of them are big enough to be detected Jim Bridenstine explained “however we are tracking right now is the debris big enough to detect from which some are 10 centimeters or six inches above and some of the 60 pieces of it which are been detected. It is to be said that the 24 pieces were detected above the apogee of ISS that is a terrible, a terrible thing to create an event, which is very dangerous for the ISS astronauts aboard.”

“It is unacceptable and Nasa has to be very clear about what its impact to us is,” says Jim Bridenstine.

The Indian Satellite destroyed at a very low altitude of 300km or 180 miles below the International Space Station (ISS) and the nearly of other satellites which are orbiting around the globe.

After the Indian missile test, there is a big risk of collision of debris for the ISS is increased by 44 percent.

Nimra Arshad

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